Bible Lessons

“My teachers all say that this is the finest curriculum available for young children. Not only does it capture the children’s imagination, but it is also ‘teacher-friendly’. It is beautiful, scripturally sound and simple to utilize. Thank you for this invaluable tool.”

– M. Beacham, Children’s Pastor Life Church

“The children are fascinated by the artwork and moveable parts. When they have a visual as well as audible story, they receive it so well. The children really enjoy the ‘hands-on’ parts and all the different elements of the curriculum really drive the story home. It’s easy to tell that the curriculum was created out of real lovingkindness for the children. I like it so much that I make extra for my grandson when he comes over. He always asks, ‘Do you have anything in that Jesus box?’ (That’s where I store the curriculum).”

– S. Fields, Life Church in Rockwall, TX


“I have been acquainted with the Elams for a number of years and know that the curriculum they have developed has been birthed from a sincere desire to see children really understand
the Bible and God’s great love for them. They have worked many years to create the beautiful artwork on the picture cards and the text to accompany each picture. It is obvious that they understand the needs of the preschool child as well as the preschool teacher by the supplemental materials they have developed to use with each Bible lesson. This curriculum is creative, Biblical and anointed. I am excited about purchasing it to use in the Nursery/Preschool at Christ for the Nations Institute.”

– C. McKenzie Director, School of Children’s Ministry, Christ for the Nations Institute Dallas, TX

“My children at the church really love the stories, crafts, puppets and extra ideas to fill up their time. We are a small church of about 150 people, so we have few to help in children’s church. Your curriculum really helps me out by providing all the basics for a class. I sure hope God is blessing you and your family.”

– C. Smyer, Muleshoe, TX

“Thank you so much for the three lessons. They are beautiful! On behalf of our church and the children who come to learn each week… THANK YOU!!! You are really blessing the Body of Christ and I pray HIS blessings on your work.”

– J. Renshaw, Lilburn, GA

“I am grateful and inspired when I remember my exposure to my parents’ Early Bible Curriculum as a child. I believe my parents have captured a reverence and awe, along with a joy and enthusiasm, that is rare today in much Christian children’s material. I am grateful that Jesus was made very much alive to me as a child. I knew He was more than a cartoon character or superhero. I knew He was the Son of God, the King of kings, the Healer, the Way to the Father. I believe this is a God-inspired tool that will help children SEE the real Jesus… healing, loving, teaching, and giving His life as a ransom for the whole world. And perhaps they will encounter this same Jesus in their own lives along the way!”

– David Elam, Worship Leader, Preparing the Way Ministries, Dallas, TX