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We are Mark and Elizabeth Elam. Texas has been our home since 1979 when we moved here to attend Bible school after earning bachelor degrees. We have been happily married since 1977 and have raised five sons, all of them home schooled in their early education. Now our family is blessed with four wonderful ‘daughters-in-love’ and six grandchildren! We are so thankful that all of our sons and their families are serving the Lord!

Beginning in the early eighties, Mark and Elizabeth have been involved in Children’s Church as helpers, worship leaders, teachers and in curriculum development. After many years of testing, refining and improving our Crystal River Early Bible Curriculum, we are pleased to offer it to you for use in your pre-K, pre-school and early elementary children’s church or Sunday school!

Please take advantage of our Free Zacchaeus Lesson offer! Using this complete Free Weekly Lesson will help you decide if our Early Bible Curriculum will meet the needs of your children and teachers. It’s yours to keep and to use. Simple as that!