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Easy to Use
The Crystal River Early Bible Curriculum brings the benefits of desktop publishing to the church. Each of the weekly Lessons is published in the form of PDF files. A free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader may be downloaded from the internet. Using Acrobat Reader, the complete Lesson may be viewed and then printed in the required quantities.

Each Lesson contains a ‘Print-Me-First’ file of complete instructions on printing and using the curriculum. Specific instructions that pertain to an individual Lesson are also included in that Lesson.

The Benefits
Purchasing the Crystal River Early Bible Curriculum licenses you to print each Lesson, including crafts and coloring pages, in the quantities you need for use at your physical address. When curriculum becomes worn, lost or damaged, it’s a simple matter to print replacements. As your church grows and your class size increases, you simply print more materials! Once purchased, the Crystal River Early Bible Curriculum becomes a Perpetually Renewable Resource!

“Could I try out the curriculum?”
Yes, you can! Crystal River has made a Free ‘Zacchaeus’ Lesson available for you. You will be able to print out and use one complete weekly Lesson. The Lesson will be yours to keep.